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Marketing Department

Marketing Department


The Marketing Department is like the brain in a body, where the rest of the body is like a sales team. They plays a very important role to promote business and drive sales of its products and services, for this they formulate Strategy and gets it implemented through the Sales Team.

The objective of both Marketing and Sales teams is to increase sales of the organization & for this both the teams work in a synergistic co-ordination.

The marketing department consists of the following sub teams
1. Product Management Team (PMT).
2. Production Planning & Inventory Control (PPIC)
3. Desktop Publishing / Graphic Designing Dept (DTP)
4. Sales Coordination Team

PMT or Product Management Team is the brain of the Marketing Team and is responsible for all the technical aspects of marketing. This team is headed by Marketing Manager and comprises Product Manager & Product Executives. The team members are technically qualified with B.Pharm, M.Pharm & MBA degrees and also vast experience of Pharmaceutical Industry.

Their main tasks are:
1. Identification of New Products for Launch.
2. New Product Development.
3. Launching New Products.
4. Impart Product Training to Sales Team.
5. Planning Target for Field Staff.
6. Joint fieldwork with the Field Staff for achieving targets and increasing sales.
7. Development & Implementation of Promotional Material like catalogues.

PPIC team is the interface of PMT and Manufacturing Plants for the Development and Launch of New products and for management of products also with respect to market feedback etc.

This team is headed by AGM (PPIC) and all the members are technically educated and have vast experience of all the aspects in this field.

This department works closely with the PMT team & is responsible for the development of Packing Material like carton, foil, label etc. And Promotional Inputs like catalogue, brochure, poster, dangler, sticker etc for the products. They create visual concepts using latest & advanced computer software to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate the market.