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Plant 1

Plant 1

image This is located at 35, 43 & 44 HPSIDC Industrial Area Baddi (H.P.). This is a WHO - GMP Certified Plant with a total area of 6600 square meters. This plant has the following Units & Departments:

A. Formulation Units
B. Engineering and Maintenance Department
C. Admin Department
D. Store Department
E. Quality Control Department
F. Quality Assurance Department
G. Stability & Formulation Development Department
H. Certification


This Unit comprises of 10 Formulation Production Sections, these are-
1. Tablet Section
2. Capsules Section
3. Dry Syrup Section
4. Liquid Orals Section
5. Topical Section-Cream/ Ointment / Lotions
6. External/Dusting Powder Section
7. Powder/Granules Section
8. Beta Lactam Tablet Section
9. Beta Lactam Capsules Section
10. Beta Lactam Dry Syrup Section

•  Having Capacity of Approx 45 Crores Tablets per Month.
•  The tablets section consists of 4 sub sections namely.

A1.1 Granulation Section -
•  This section consists of high technology equipment like Rapid Mass Mixer (RMG), Fluid Bed Dryer, Paste Kettle , Vibro Sifter, Octagonal Blender, etc.
•  Its Working Team consists of Approximately 10 Chemists with 1 Executive & 1 Senior Executive.
•  Additionally the team has more than 10 Operators & Senior Operators.

A1.2 Compression Section -
•  This section consists of state of the art compression machines like 2 Bilayer Compression Machine, 16 Compression Machines of Cadmach.
•  Its Working Team consists of approximately 10 Chemists, with 1 Executive, 1 Senior Executive and 10 Operators & Senior Operators led by assistant manager production.

A1.3 Coating Section-
•  This section consists of fully HVAC rooms, 3 semi automatic Coating machines and 2 fully Automatic coating machines for Coating of tablets
•  Its Working Team consists of 2 Chemists, 1 Executive, 1 Senior Executive and 5 Operators & Senior Operators.

A1.4 Packing Section -
•  Pharmaceutical packaging (or drug packaging) is the process for pharmaceutical preparations which involves packaging of drug dosage form in a suitable container which ensures safe travel of drug from manufacturing company to patients through drug distribution channels .
•  This section consists of fully air conditioned 15 Packing Lines.
•  It consists of 10 Blister packing machines, 3 Alu-Alu blister packing Machines & 2 Aluminium strip Machines .
•  Its Working Team consists of 7 Chemists, 1 Executive, 1 Senior Executive and 16 Operators & Senior Operators.
•  Loose Tablet Packing in pouches is also done by two automatic form fill and seal machines.

•  Manufacturing of Capsules is a special pharmaceuticals unit operation in WINGS with controlled atmosphere fitted with HVAC and dehumidifiers for control of temperature and relative humidity during capsules production for safety and stability of active drugs in capsules.
•  A number of modified techniques are used for production of capsules.
•  Capsules section consists of two fully settled capsules production sections having fully automatic and 4 SA-09 semi automatic capsule filling machines and other accessory machines for filling of different sizes on capsules.
•  Having Capacity of Approx 4.5 Crores Capsules per Month.
•  Its Working Team consists of 2 Chemists with 1 Asst Manager and 5 Operators & Senior Operators and Workers.

•  This section consists of two fully automatic liquid manufacturing and 4 fully automatic Liquid filling Lines, with capacity of 27 Lakhs Bottles per Month .
•  Its Working Team consists of 1 Asst Manager, 4 production chemists and 8 Operators & Senior Operators and Workers.

A4. TOPICAL SECTION : (Cream/ Ointment / Lotion)
•  An oil-based preparation that is applied to the skin. Whereas an ointment has an oil base, a cream is oil in water emulsion .
•  This section has fully automatic two Ointment Manufacturing plants with accessory machines where Ointments,Creams & Lotions are prepared with capacity of 45 Lakhs Tubes /Month.
•  Its Working Team consists of 1 assistant production manager , 1 Senior Executive, 4 Chemists, 5 Operators & Senior Operators and Workers.

(like Clotrimazole Dusting Powder.)

A6. POWDER SECTION: (like ORS & Sachets)
•  We are having Automatic Machine for filling powders in pouches
•  We are also having automatic powder filling machines for ORS packaging ,sachet packaging from 1 gm to 50 gms.

A7. BETA LACTAM ANTIBIOTICS SECTION: (like Tablets, Capsules and Dry Syrups)
•  Dedicated facility adhering to the latest segregation regulations- GMP Standards.
•  Have a separate block , separate infrastructure , separate entrance and separate production team dedicated for beta lactam products .
•  This section is further classified for Beta Lactum Tablets, Capsules & Dry Syrups .




B.1 Plants Engineering/ Maintenance is well supported with
1. HT Supply 1100 volts
2. HT Transformers capacity 1200 KVA
3. DG sets capacity (480kva , 180 kVA X3 )
4. Air compressors 180 CFM, 100CFM AND 60CFM oil less screw compressors for oil free air.
5. Chilling plant for air conditioning of production sections
6. 2 Steam Boilers 600KG/hour
7. RO Water PlantX2
8. DM Water Plant X2
9. DM water supply system
10. Cooling Towers
11. Fire extinguisher and water hydrant system
12. Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
13. Rainwater Harvesting System

1. Admin department is the backbone of an organization.
2. An effective administrator is an asset to an organization.
3. Provides administrative and technical support to various departments-.human resources (HR), budgetary, strategic planning, legal affairs, facilities and security.
4. Ensures the smooth flow of information from one part to the other.

1. This is concerned with quantity or supply of RM, PM & General Utility Materials are kept for use as needed.
2. The plant has a well established Store Department with sufficient space for raw material & Packing Material.

1. The Quality Control Department is responsible for quality control of all materials , starting from raw material to packing material , environment and finished goods .

2. At Wings we are having a well furnished Quality Control Lab. Wings Biotech QC Deptt is duly certified by HP Drug Department as Observing Good Lab Practices (GLP certificate) which consists of the following sub sections.
A. Raw Material Analysis
B. Finished Goods Analysis
C. Microbiology Section
D. Packing Material analysis
E. Stability Section
F. Control sample Section
G. Instrumental Analysis section
H. Wet/ Experimental Lab
I. Formulation & development Lab. for Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals & Tropical Preparations like Ointment, Cream & Lotions Oint.
1. The QC Department team consists of 25 people that has HOD, Manager QC, Asst Manager QC, Team Leader, Sr. Exe, Exe.Chemist, Trainee Chemist & Lab Asst.
1. Ours Labs are equipped with the latest state-of-the- art Equipment .
a. Instrument Labs:

b. Chemical /Raw Material (RM) Testing Labs.:

c. Instrumentation/Finished Goods (FG) Testing Labs:

d. Micro Labs.:

e. Packaging Material (PM)Testing Labs:

f. Wet/Experimental Labs:

g. Stability Labs:

1. Quality Assurance Department is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers.

2. We are having IPQA Department which works hand to hand with the Production Department for assuring Quality of Products, Market Complaint Department, Regulatory Affairs and Documentation Department which comply GMP Record & Coordinates with all other departments for Self Inspection Programme,Training & Various other Records.

Our Plant is WHO-GMP certified, GMP certified and also has GLP certified for its Laboratories, Drug License and the medicine we manufactured are also having Drug Approval.