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Plant 2

Plant 2

This is located at 4 & 6 Jharmajri Baddi (H.P.). This is GMP CERTIFIED Plant with a total area of 9000 square meters.
This plant has the following Sections:
1. Cosmetic Products plant
2. Ayurvedic Formulation plant
3. Nutraceutical Products plant
4. Soap, Sanitizer & Disinfectant Formulation plant
5. Raw material store
6. Packing material store
7. Finish goods store
8. Utility section
9. Canteen for staff and labour
10. IPQC - in process quality control


1.1 Wings Biotech Cosmetic Plant is located at Jharmajri Industrial Area, Baddi.
1.2 Wings cosmetic products have been in existence since 2009-10.
1.3 Products are manufactured here with utmost care by following ’Good Manufacturing Practises’ under a proper environment.
1.4 All Raw & Packaging Materials are tested for their Quality by the Quality Control Department by Approved Qualified Persons.
1.5 Even water used in cosmetic formulations is also being tested as per Indian Pharmacopeia Standards.
1.6 Cosmetic Production Units comprises of various section-
A. Cream, Ointment and Lotion section
B. Bleach cream section
C. Hair Removal Cream section
D. Powder section
E. Shampoo section
F. Kajal/ Eye Liner section
G. Hair color & Dye section
H. Perfume section
I. Soap section

1.7 The Production is done by well experienced Manufacturing Chemists & approved professionals.
1.8 The Cosmetic Production Unit has its own Quality Control department and the R & D section ,Which is fully modernised, well equipped Labs and also has well qualified staff.

2.1 It is an ultra modern, sophisticated & systematically designed for manufacturing of Herbal & Ayurvedic Formulations .
2.2 Our Ayurvedic Production Unit has various sub- sections :
1. Tablet, Pills, Candy & Vati section
2. Capsule section
3. Liquid oral section
4. Powder section
5. Oils (Taila) section
6. Cream / ointment section

2.3 This section is fully modernised and up to date with well qualified staff and machinery.

3.1 It is an ultra modern, sophisticated, scientifically & systematically designed; US-NSF approved facility for manufacturing of Nutraceuticals , Food & Dietary Supplements.

3.2 The manufacturing of Nutraceutical , Food & Dietary supplement products is based on scientific & conceptual amalgamation of Traditional nutritional knowledge with concepts of Modern science and by also following the RDA Specifications.

3.3 Each product is formulated after extensive research and manufactured at a State-of-art facility with in built quality procedures.

3.4 This Section has four subsections-
ss 1. Tablet section
2. Liquid section
3. Capsules section
4. Powder Section

1. This section is well equipped with advanced machinery that leads to efficient and bulk production of our range of Herbal Soap, Medicated Soap, Toilet Soap, Beauty Soap, etc.
2. All the processes have been streamlined to gain high effectiveness in production operation.
3. We have also provided for an efficient power backup system that allows uninterrupted workflow at times of power failures.
4. Our production team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals, who work in close coordination to meet the scheduled targets.
5. This section has procured fully-automated machines and equipment which have already been commissioned and are producing quality products.
6. Our Product range- Soap, Hand Sanitizers & Disinfectant are very well tested on a number of parameters like:
•  pH balance
•  Moisture
•  Fatty acid
•  Total fatty matter